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I have to admit, I’m girly enough to solve my problem (too much work) by not actually starting to work (the most logical solution), but by buying new clothes.
Got myself 2 Diesel shirts and an awesome leather vest.

Cutting hair also helps, but since I already did mine a week or 2 ago, we went to cut Ramon’s hair.
Man, those magazines! I was reading one while waiting. Sex in the car! wow, how fresh, nobody ever wrote about that before!

There also was an amazing picture of some chick. Looking kinda.. red-light-district kinda pose, you know. She was making this shot to surprise her boyfriend. I bet he’ll be surprised. No shit.

I proudly present, my new vest and Ramon’s hair cut.

Although those pictures are visible on my flickr page anyway..

Had a funny comment, from a classical composer/pianist/teacher. She was checking my videos, and made a nice comment. She gave me some advice about people writing me and asked some questions about my piano. But she wrote “I like more-less not the performance, but the music”. From one hand, whatever – I’m glad that someone classically trained, just like me, who didn’t know the music I play, started to appreciate it because of my covers. But also I’m laughing my ass off because of this little needle she puts in her comment. That is sooooo the world I was running from. You know what I mean.


not liking

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played a small kinda house concert with Julia, to help her to get ready for an exam. And then I just had to play the famous Mendelssohn violin concerto with her brother, for public. Reading fucking scores, saw it for the first time.
Because otherwise concert would be too small or something..
Not only that, it was a copy and they were combined in a wrong way, so in the very end of the first part you turn the page and it’s a different music. Wrong page. Just great. I don’t like reading sheet music on public, I think it’s not professional. But at least I could finish, you know, it went very well up until that part where the page was just wrong.
I got an extra piece of pie as an excuse, brought it to Ramon. Someone’s is happy at least 🙂


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Rehearsing with my friend,

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Beautiful Julia Rusanovskiy 🙂
I need a week or two in spa, badly. Lol

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Every day have to go somewhere, it’s kinda annoying in a way that I can’t really start recording anything – recording might take hours, and I hate to interrupt when I already started.
Yesterday had to work in R’dam, today (as well as 2 days ago, and on Thursday, and this weekend) – rehearsal with a friend. I”m playing her exam, she picked quite a program. For a pianist anyway – Beethoven Sonata for Violin and Piano #7, C moll, Shostakovich 4 preludes originally for piano. Not the greatest transcription, some things are just silly, I’m sorry. With all do respect to mr Dmitri M. Tsyganov, that made it. I had to make some notes with a pencil, to optimize piano part.
Some other pieces – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqrCgkrTr84&feature=related – but with the piano, obviously. And a few more.

And a gig next week, still need to cover one song for it.. Sometimes I just sit there looking at the computer screen because I don’t know what to pick, so much work.
Ah well, I’ll manage.

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Feeling so tired,
also yesterday I kinda fall from the stairs and hurt myself just a little. I forgot very quickly, also because Ramon was making me a coffee with milk and the milk he decided to heat using a small pan, that I usually use to make him omelet. He claims that it’s faster for some reason.
Then we went to the festival and I still have to publish some pictures, it was very cool.
And only today I could play a little, but only had time for a rehearsal with a friend of mine, I”m playing for her exam. And my hand didn’t feel really awesome 😦
too many things going on, need some space, but every day something is happening.

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The torture continues, I’m still forced to listen to the unbelievably incredibly disgusting live music with some guy who is absolutely unable to rich the right tone, but at least he is so fucking loud that who cares anyway, right? He also has much in common with an old male goat, at least he vibrates like one.
Just now it was some insane mix of “stand by me”, folk and house at the same fucking time.
I kinda have a respect for singers like that. That must be a risky business. I don’t get how is somebody didn’t shot one from the window. I’d applaud to that.