I have to admit, I’m girly enough to solve my problem (too much work) by not actually starting to work (the most logical solution), but by buying new clothes.
Got myself 2 Diesel shirts and an awesome leather vest.

Cutting hair also helps, but since I already did mine a week or 2 ago, we went to cut Ramon’s hair.
Man, those magazines! I was reading one while waiting. Sex in the car! wow, how fresh, nobody ever wrote about that before!

There also was an amazing picture of some chick. Looking kinda.. red-light-district kinda pose, you know. She was making this shot to surprise her boyfriend. I bet he’ll be surprised. No shit.

I proudly present, my new vest and Ramon’s hair cut.

Although those pictures are visible on my flickr page anyway..

Had a funny comment, from a classical composer/pianist/teacher. She was checking my videos, and made a nice comment. She gave me some advice about people writing me and asked some questions about my piano. But she wrote “I like more-less not the performance, but the music”. From one hand, whatever – I’m glad that someone classically trained, just like me, who didn’t know the music I play, started to appreciate it because of my covers. But also I’m laughing my ass off because of this little needle she puts in her comment. That is sooooo the world I was running from. You know what I mean.


~ by vkgoeswild on June 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “”

  1. Dear Ms. Vika,

    With all due respect, I would like to offer my gushing praise and admiration of you. Only someone as perfectly angelic as yourself could be the antenna/vessel for such monumentally sensitive talent.
    I feel certain that men have fought immense wars over women without nearly the radiant beauty you possess.

    Good luck forever, dear girl.


  2. Yes, I am.

  3. VIKA? I would love to hear you play Limoges by Mussorgsky.
    It’s probably my favorite piece of music.
    How can I make that possible?

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