not liking

played a small kinda house concert with Julia, to help her to get ready for an exam. And then I just had to play the famous Mendelssohn violin concerto with her brother, for public. Reading fucking scores, saw it for the first time.
Because otherwise concert would be too small or something..
Not only that, it was a copy and they were combined in a wrong way, so in the very end of the first part you turn the page and it’s a different music. Wrong page. Just great. I don’t like reading sheet music on public, I think it’s not professional. But at least I could finish, you know, it went very well up until that part where the page was just wrong.
I got an extra piece of pie as an excuse, brought it to Ramon. Someone’s is happy at least 🙂


~ by vkgoeswild on June 15, 2010.

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