people I don’t get

I guess I’m probably lucky, since only a few people tried to “fuck me up” with donations, asking to please-please (matter of life and death) send them a few songs now, before paypal problems solved/account made etc etc, and after I did, never show up again..
Or send me an e check that fails.
It’s a bit funny, do they also steal an ice cream? It’ just ridiculous. Maybe it’s just a life style. One girl was funny enough to give me her address-name-email so I would trust her. Like what can I possibly do to get those few euro from her, send a hitman? And all those trouble for what, to have a piece of paper you could get for the price of your morning coffee?
oh man,
I will never understand those people.
I can only make a folder in my mailbox, put there emails. Makes me very sad.
The way I see it – they sold a slight opportunity to ever be my friend or even simply have my respect for a few coins. Well, you don’t know what you are missing.
Ask my actual friends.


~ by vkgoeswild on June 9, 2010.

5 Responses to “people I don’t get”

  1. Vika, what is the usual donation for one of your songs? I’ve been thinking of asking for a few for a while but I’m terrified I’ll donate too little and look really mean.
    Love, long time fan

    • well there is no fixed price, only if you send me like, say, one euro – after paypal takes it’s fee I have almost nothing left and then I think, it’s kinda mean. But I never just take money, I send it back if I think it’s not nice.

  2. Some people make me sick.

  3. If this makes you feel any better…
    There was this experiment – a company said “hey, guys, here’s this pack of very expensive computer games, all worth $700, you can pay as much as you think is a good price for the package – no limits, $1 or more”.
    There were a few people who gave more than $10. Out of thousands. And what’s even more interesting – they got the package on torrent sites for others to download for free and not even bother pay at least $1.
    It’s just how it is – the world if kinda fucked up. Just be more cynical about stuff and try not to care.

  4. Hi, Vika. It’s been a while…you still here? I’d like to donate. 🙂

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