Some words or expressions I think I can never “adopt”, or even like. For example, “yammi!” Or, “woot woot!”, “yahoo!” and things like that. Even “yay”, as a sign of good news – bleh, I wish I had something better to use. I usually say “awesome” 100 000 times a day. I think, I have something against that “childish” language, doesn’t matter if it’s in English, or in Russian, I can’t stand it anyway.
And that typical Dutch thing – every Dutch person I met always said that “e-he”, with intonation going down, it sounds so weird to me. Used in a very different context – for example, father of a big family was telling me how they send kids to sleep in the evenings and after that they can finally sit on a couch and “e-heeee”. What? Relax and enjoy the evening alone?
Ramon just repeats it for no reason. I make fun of him, of course 🙂 He makes fun of my language all the time anyway.


~ by vkgoeswild on May 20, 2010.

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