new video

I think it’s about 13 min piano improvisation track, (original). I’m pretty sure it’s improvised because some things sounds like they are not meant to be. So it was a tricky situation for me. Can I improve a track that is played on piano and recorded? Not so sure.. I didn’t. I could improve pedal, while playing it myself, and stuff like that, when it comes to interpretation.

Anyway, while recording, was checking my mail. Every once in a while someone for some reason tries to hurt my feelings – put me down, or whatever. Makes me laugh. I mean, there are things you can say that could hurt my feelings, but, seriously – saying that I can’t play? It’s like to tell a duck that she can’t swim.
The same goes when it comes to my hands, btw. They look creepy. Duuuuh, tell me something I don’t know :)))) They look much better when I give them some rest, but, what do you expect?


~ by vkgoeswild on May 12, 2010.

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