I was kinda nervous that I didn’t do much work while recording my cd. After playing for many hours I wasn’t able to put my head around anything else.
So I’ve made 2 songs into sheet music today so far, (Starcraft – Terran theme 1, and Machine Head – Descend the Shades of Night).
Of course, when I wasn’t doing much online, work kinda slowed down.. it’s good in a way, I have more time, but it’s freaking me out every time. Depending on requests or gigs is so unsafe, I’m permanently worried. Well. It’s kinda new, maybe I’ll get used to this.
So when I was done, we went for a walk. I just simply wanted to get myself home shoes. How hard is that? In Kiev it would take me about 10 min. 15 – at night. If I would ever want to get home shoes at 2 am, I could walk to 24/7 mega market, 15 min away from my home. Otherwise, 10 min – and you are at busy shopping areas. with people selling all kind of useful things just outside, sitting at the sidewalk. Home shoes, gloves, shiny shit for hair, shiny sexy clothes (that’s just the basic fashion style, if you want something simple, you should probably find a fancy store in the city center. Still gonna be tricky though).
But here, for some reason, it seems almost impossible. Only shoes I saw, that fit the profile of “home shoes” were incredibly ugly.
Or they were socks.
I ended up with 2 pairs in my hands, closed in the store (it was getting too late). Ramon couldn’t help me decide or even rescue me, because he, obviously, was somewhere in Free Record shop. The only help he was trying to provide was suggesting me to buy sneakers.
I was lucky to escape, and even got some sort of shoes. They meant for summer, but it’s ok.
I’m now trying to remember if I ever saw dutch people wearing home shoes? Can’t rememeber anything. I guess, they don’t?


~ by vkgoeswild on May 6, 2010.

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