I think, maybe, hopefully, I’m actually finished recording Toxicity. OMG. Waiting for Darin to confirm. I was stuck for the past 4 days with this, unable to move on and do something else, because “how can I do something else, when I need to finish this first??”. Happened before, when I was recording one cover for entire night, because I just couldn’t stop before it’s done. Sometimes I was thinking for about an hour “I should probably take my hood off, it’s too bloody hot”, but I couldn’t even break my routine for this. (Press “record, start playing, “oh shit” – ctrl+z, record – start playing… etc)

Of course, at some point I drop half dead, crawl downstairs and start lying on the couch.
So that was how I spent my last couple of days.
not even sure it was all worth it, lol


~ by vkgoeswild on April 26, 2010.

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