reading a blog of a very nice girl. She seems to be incredibly kind and interesting, and she has a cat, and she is working with movies. So there are stories about making movies, and pictures about making movies, and she has her own style of writing those stories. She is not a writer, so she has her own nice style. There are some girls – professional writers, and sometimes I can’t stand how professionally they write, I recognize every detail and it all sounds so predictable. With blogs of men-writers I didn’t have this problem for some reason, but girls.. don’t know why. Girls either try to sound extra cool and bitchy. Just like 100 000 girls that are absolutely unique and have nothing in common with those other stupid girls around.
Or sometimes they write something like “me. cup of tea. it’s raining..raining.. raining.. sound of the rain drops on my window.. my name. your name on the cup. funny cup with your name on it. your name on my lips. lips meeting hot tea. hot. fire inside me. Need a wine! glas of wine..
Also incredibly unique and nobody can understand, of course.
But that girl is sooo nice! And kind.
Link won’t make sense, she writes in russian.
just makes me a little sad, that I can’t write that nice. And that I sound very angry, even I”m not that bad deep inside 🙂


~ by vkgoeswild on April 18, 2010.

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