some happy news,
got a nice little coffee maker.
You know, the one that you put on fire :))
It makes one small cup of coffee that suppose to be 3 cups actually.
Reminds me that story with LB (L.Berman).
I went to the summer school about 10-11 years ago, and I wasn’t drinking coffee at all. I mean, I was drinking that instant shit that is called “coffee” in some places, and I thought it was alright!
I bought a cup of cappuccino to try. Just before my lesson. Well, it’s easy to imagine, what happened next, I totally fucked up the last part of Chopin Ballad. I was trying my best to hold it together, but the last part.. It was just too fast and crazy 🙂
So I said that it was probably a bad idea to try a real coffee just before the lesson, and LB told me the story about his first concerts in Italy. He was asking for a coffee, and he got that insanely small cup with like one spoon of coffee in it, nothing like normal big cups of coffee he used to drink. So he thought “Are you kidding me?” and immediately asked for another one, and another one.
He had to postpone his concert :)))


~ by vkgoeswild on April 17, 2010.

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