looks like the next day after hours of recording I do need a break. Didn’t notice that before. Tried to record a few songs in the morning, but just.. not “it”. Writing down some requests instead, I’ve got a huge choice of things I could do instead of chilling on the couch.
Why people I don’t know write me mails asking to keep in contact? I mean, I have a hard time keeping in contact with people I do know already, do I look like a very friendly/chatty kind of gal?
Reminds me my first months online, when my conversations looked like
got a pic?
:)))) !! ❤
And then it hit me and for a while my mom was keeping track on people writing me mails, I lost my interest in this sort of communication. And it never came back.


~ by vkgoeswild on April 7, 2010.

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