vacations in Spain

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sheet music

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I’m doing a better job with making sheet music now then I did a year ago, when I just started.
So at some point I should look back and remake some of my old covers.
Today I started with Muse – Hysteria, the original sheet music was pretty different from what I was playing on YouTube, more basic. I made a version, that is exactly as I played on YouTube.
(or, I don’t know, 99%).
I found a few recent donations from people asking for Hysteria sheet music, and I sent them the new version, but it’s impossible for me to find everyone that ever asked for it.
So I hope people will notice the new version available and contact me, so I can send a link.

Other then that, I ate 3 ice creams today.

last covers

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And that’s the one that totally fucked my fingers up. I still have blue spots under my nails.

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New Age Piano,
1 000 romantic titles for the same harmony.

poor me

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I had to stop recording because I totally fucked my fingers up, I thought I still could play, but when I noticed that little open wound, I went downstairs to whine about that and totally melted down, gonna be a couch potato for tonight. Hopefully it will be healed by tomorrow.

Weapon of mass destruction

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long time

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spent last 2 nights on the couch, making coffee/watching 6 feet under, to keep Ramon a company while he was working on his important art test.
It went very well!!!

Also, YAY to Holland. I’m watching soccer. They always score when I don’t look though. It’s almost funny. I didn’t see one single goal while it was happening.

Ramon likes this picture he made a few days ago,

and this is my last cover, I really like the Stone Sour version of it